Bursary Criteria

CUISA Bursary

A $2500.00 bursary is offered with the following criteria:

  • Individuals must be an employee or direct family member of an employee or director of a CUISA member brokerage.  Applicants are requested to specify how the individual qualifies.
  • The award must be used in pursuit of a diploma or degree program in a recognized post-secondary educational institution Proof of enrolment must be provided.
  • The award may be used for studies in a recognized institution outside of British Columbia, provided that the student resides full time in BC when not involved in their studies
  • Applicants are asked to submit a detailed letter specifying what is included in their course of study, their scholastic and/or athletic achievement and standing, and community involvement. Two letters of reference as well as the applicants resume are also required. Financial need may be taken into consideration. No one criterion will have greater weight than another.
  • Previous winners are not eligible to re-apply.

Deadline for submissions to be received in our office is May 31st, 2024, in order to judge, notify the winner.

Please submit to the Bursary Selection Committee by email to exec@cuisa.com

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