Araceli O’Coffey – CUISA Bursary Winner 2020

Araceli O'Coffey

Araceli O’Coffey,
2020 CUISA Bursary Winner

Dear Credit Union Insurance Services Association members,

I would like to begin by expressing how honored and grateful I am to be the recipient of the CUISA bursary for this year. Due to Covid-19, I was laid off of my job restricting me from gaining a steady income. This bursary will help tremendously in alleviating some of my financial concerns I have when looking towards my future.

I am nearing the end of my grade 12 year at the Bulkley Valley Christian School and I have maintained a grade A average throughout the entirety of my highschool career. I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Commerce program through MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. After completing this degree I plan on applying to the law program through University of Victoria in hopes of becoming a lawyer specializing in social justice issues.

Thanks to the CUISA scholarship I am one step closer to achieving my career goals. Law school is high in costs and involves a lot of schooling. With many years of continued education ahead of me this bursary will be beneficial in my journey of becoming a lawyer.

I want to again express how thankful I am for being chosen to receive this year’s CUISA bursary and for your belief in me and my future education plans.


Araceli O’Coffey

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