Heather Olson, President


Heather Olson, President

When Heather Olson started her insurance career in 2005, she was told “once you learn ICBC you’re set, nothing ever changes.” This advice didn’t really pan out—she’s spent the past ten years navigating constant change and continuous improvement as she’s moved from a level 1 agent to a branch management position at Island Savings’.

Heather is able to bring a unique skillset that looks at a holistic approach to insurance; taking into consideration what is needed to ensure the long term growth of the business, staff needs and most importantly the customer perspective.

Heather moved to the Cowichan Valley when she was 5 and has lived there ever since. Here she lives with her 2 children and husband and enjoys participating in many valley activities; from boating the gulf islands to hiking the local mountains. Heather also enjoys volunteering her time to her children’s various activities, sitting on the board for the Mill Bay Mall merchants association, as well as volunteering countless hours through Island Savings’ community involvement. In addition to this Heather has also been a part of the Broker working group for ICBC’s system conversion for the past two years.

The landscape of insurance is ever changing, with increasing regulations, competition and decreasing markets. CUISA is more important than ever to help support their members and Credit Union partners to ensure their continued success. It is for that reason that Heather has decided to put her name forward for the opportunity to sit on the board.

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