Credit Union Insurance Services Association (CUISA) was established in 1984 to maintain a non-profit society of insurance brokers in Canada, whether or not such brokers are owned or partly owned, controlled by, or affiliated with any credit union. Our objective is to promote and protect the interest of our members, the interests of the insuring public and the interests of insurers in all matters pertaining to the insurance business and related services.

We foster and encourage a high standard of ethics in the insurance business and related services, and discourage all unfair and unethical practices. We cooperate with other insurance organizations having similar purposes, when desirable or necessary to the furtherance of the purposes of our society.

We encourage the study of insurance and other related services in order to promote a better understanding on the part of our members and the insuring public. We cooperate with and assist the appropriate provincial ministries, and other government and municipal bodies in all matters pertaining to insurance and related services.

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